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The Best of Manhattan Beach Awards 2019: Women Owned Business

About to burst at the seams with love and gratitude standing with this brilliant empowering woman, Maureen McBride, owner of Tabula Rasa Essentials, who was the very first person to believe in Simply Grateful and inspires me beyond reason everyday!  Thank you for always making such a beautiful home for all of our wooden goods! Congratulations on Winning the Best of Manhattan Beach 2019, Women Owned Business!!!

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Simply Grateful's 5th Year Anniversary

When you completely forget what day it is, but your family reminds you with #lotsoflove!!! #thebestfamily 💛✨Happy 5th Anniversary Simply Grateful!!! #woodanniversary From an idea to create a heartfelt #thankyoucard that could make a conscious connection... to how much love, laughter, magic, tears, sweat, splinters, sleepless nights, sand runs, jumps for joy, dance parties, learning, growing, creating and more creating, bucket-list adventures, and amazing souls that are now the life and breath of #simplygrateful... tears are streaming down my face, while my belly-laugh is cackling loud and my #happydance is going strong!!! #allthefeels #takingitallin #mysoulissmiling #oneheckofagratefulhuman #dowhatmakesyourheartbeat

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Super Bowl 53 - Tailgate Party

  A whirlwind of amazingness, consciousness, hard work and laughter! I got to challenge every single part of me this year. Mind, body, patience, and heart. @simplygratefulgoods creations turned out perfect: new materials, beauty, and unreal #shine! The hardest I have ever worked to pull this off, so proud. The guests were happy, the smiles I got to see lit me up like a freakin #christmastree and the love all around me swept me away. Happy #superbowl53!!!  #magnitude #superbowlliii #woodengoods #postcard #sleeplessnights #football #fanmail #tailgate  #nfl #nfltailgate #babes #mybaby #madewith💛

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