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Can you print my images and customize them for me?

Of course! We would love to do that for you! Please visit our PERSONALIZE PAGE for all the details!

Check out what some of our incredibly thoughtful customers sent out as "thank you" cards and anniversary gifts to their loved ones to share their special days...

How do I mail my wooden postcard?

Simply place an ¢93 stamp on the upper right hand corner of your card (you can purchase a book of these stamps at the post office) or if you are in a rush... just place 2 forever stamps on it instead! Yes, they stick right to the wooden postcard!!!

Grab a ball-point pen and write the address that your card is going to under the stamp on the right hand side.

Be sure to write your return address in the upper left hand corner too.

The large space on the left is for your message!

Sign it, place it in your mailbox, and send it along!

Please visit our POSTAGE PAGE for any US Post Office related questions. 

Wooden Postcard Postage


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