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Missy Patterson Tree Hugging

Simply Grateful was founded on the principles of awareness,  quality,  sustainability,  conscious connection  and gratitude.

We are a family-run business that is dedicated to being caretakers of the earth and all that inhabit it.   We are committed to using sustainable materials and creating reusable products.   All of our wooden goods: coasters,  ornaments,  postcards,  puzzles,  serving trays and wall art are born and made in the USA,  ensuring quality and locally sourced materials;  and are handcrafted with 100% recycled wood certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and sustainable inks made from vegetable dyes.   We strive to minimize our carbon footprint and develop habits to preserve Mother Earth!

Gratitude and giving back are the heart and soul of Simply Grateful,  so we are honored to donate a percentage of all profits to the American Forest Fund and Operation Support Our Troops—America,  as well as various other charities and non-profits in our local community that are close to our hearts. 

We are grateful to be collaborating with amazing artists in different cities and towns that beautifully capture their own voice and viewpoints.   We also want you to be able to customize your own artwork to share with your loved ones too. You are able to personalize and customize your own images,  words,  dates and titles so that each piece is a true representation of your moments, adventures and YOU!   Every piece really does whisper its own story.

However you choose to use them – for gratitude and connection,  for inspiration,  for its designed purpose,  or displayed as artwork,  please know that every postcard and coaster is made with pure joy and that we all are simply grateful to be able to share them with you!

Simply Grateful: Connection Made Simple™


Want to know even more about Simply Grateful?   Visit our  News  page and read   Her - Story  about our Founder and Creative Director,  Missy Patterson.


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