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Our wooden postcards are so new, your local US Post Office may not be sure what to charge for postage!  We have a letter from the US Post Office to guarantee the postage price of 91¢ or simply place 2 Forever Stamps instead.

Dear Ms. Patterson of Simply Grateful:


Per our conversation.  You have a mailing less than 4 ¼” x 6” but the thickness is less than 1/8” of an inch. This falls under the LETTER rate, because the thickness for postcard size is .016 max.


Because it’s made up of wood, it is too rigid, there a nonmachinable surcharge of .21 per /piece applied. 


So according to the reference below.  Your mail piece cost .70 + .21 = .91 cents per piece.



Not Over






















  1. Letters that meet one or more of the nonmachinable characteristics in DMM 101.1.2are subject to the $0.21 nonmachinable surcharge.
  2. Large envelope-sized pieces that are rigid, nonrectangular, or not uniformly thick pay parcel prices.



Ref. 101.1.2


1.2 Nonmachinable Criteria

A letter-size piece is nonmachinable (see 6.4) if it has one or more of the following characteristics (see 601.1.4 to determine the length, height, top, and bottom of a mailpiece):

  1. Has an aspect ratio (length divided by height) of less than 1.3 or more than 2.5.
  2. Is polybagged, polywrapped, enclosed in any plastic material, or has an exterior surface made of a material that is not paper. Windows in envelopes made of paper do not make mailpieces nonmachinable. Attachments allowable under applicable eligibility standards do not make mailpieces nonmachinable.
  3. Has clasps, strings, buttons, or similar closure devices.
  4. Contains items such as pens, pencils, keys, or coins that cause the thickness of the mailpiece to be uneven; or loose keys or coins or similar objects not affixed to the contents within the mailpiece. Loose items may cause a letter to be nonmailable when mailed in paper envelopes; (see 601.3.3, Odd-Shaped Items in Paper Envelopes).
  5. Is too rigid (does not bend easily when subjected to a transport belt tension of 40 pounds around an 11-inch diameter turn).

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