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The Simply Grateful Family

The Simply Grateful Family

Founder,  Creative Director:  Missy Patterson
Director of Operations:  Krystina Patterson Tierney
Chief Financial Officer:  Stephen Patterson, Sr.
Outreach Work & Non-Profit Advisor:  Diane Patterson
Wood Resources Specialist:  Steve Patterson, Jr.
would like to give their warmest appreciation to our on-site product and lifestyle photographer:
as well as these beautiful people:
 Amy,  Ash,  Annie,  Ashley,  Augisha & Scott,  Audie,  Chris & Keri,  Chad,  Christina,  Corey,  Dallas,  Dan,  DC,  Dean,  Donovan,  Dyan,  Erin,  Hannah,  Jade,  Jaime,  Jasmine,  Jason,  Jessie,  Joelle,  Josh,  Kate,  Kay,  Kelly,  Kristin,  Kris,  Kevin,  Mary Grace,  Matt H,  Matt T,  Meg & Chris,  Ron,  Sheila,  Steph,  Stefani and Tyler

without which,  Simply Grateful would not be in existence.


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