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Hike the Good Hike

We are heart-bursting proud,  jumping for joy happy,  and soul-soaring
inspired  by this brilliant Force of Nature,  who is side-splitting funny,  has the sweetest warm-hearted soul,  and is an all-around amazing human:  meet Jesse Cody of  Hike the Good Hike (aka The Boston Mule).  He has walked more than 10,000 miles to raise support for young people suffering from depression and other mental health issues. In fact, he’s on the homestretch of a yearlong hiking and fundraising campaign.

This July, Jesse took the first step on a trail that is his personal Triple Crown of Hiking. The Continental Divide Trail.  It’s an amazing feat that will do two things: for Jesse, it will make hiking history.  And for those young people dealing with mental health issues, it can make an enormous difference.

These treks through the wilderness are already increasing the national awareness of mental health illnesses, especially in adolescents.  With that awareness, comes an understanding of the pressing need for services that aren’t always understood, or readily available.

To that end, Jesse Cody is raising money to support new programs across the country.  Programs that use wilderness therapy to help those struggling with depression and other issues. 

We will be cheering so freakin loud and donating 30% of our proceeds of the sales from Hike the Good Hike Collection and all wooden goods through December 7, 2023. 

So come on along,  cheer with us & give a follow to  @hikethegoodhike  with every step benefiting mental health awareness,  and enjoy some amazing GIVEAWAYS of our wooden goods with stunning images straight from the trail!!!


New England Equine Rescue (NEER North)

My heart burst wide-open when I found this organization, and I have been volunteering 2-3 days a week ever since.  There are no words to express the pure magic, love and healing you feel being around these amazing souls both equine and human.  The care that is given is palpable and it extends far beyond the equines at the rescue currently, every equine that is re-homed is still a part of the family and checked on to make sure their new home is the right one. 

NEER North is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses, donkeys and ponies in the New England area whose lives are at risk; work with horse owners to help them avoid crisis situations, network with other rescues, and educate the public about equine abuse and rescue. 

There are a wide variety of situations, including owner surrenders and abuse and neglect, where these majestic animals are at risk of diminished health or, worse yet, at risk for slaughter.

NEER North is a safe haven where equines are rehabilitated with the intention of adoption into new well-suited families.  NEER North also networks closely with other reputable equine rescue organizations, assisting where needed. 

We will be donating 30% of our proceeds for all wooden goods to NEER North through December 7, 2023.  To stay updated on all the equines,  meet them and feel their love,  give a follow on Facebook: NEER North and Instagram: @NEER.North

 New England Equine Rescue - North


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