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Hike the Good Hike

Late in 2014, after years of struggling with my own mental health issues, I was seriously contemplating suicide.  Through a series of serendipitous occurrences, I found myself on the Appalachian Trail despite the fact that I’d never pitched a tent before.  It was the walk that saved my life  -  a  2,200 mile walk.

Hiking uplifted my spirit and convinced me that life was worth living.  I was finally able to calm the voices in my head that I’d spent a lifetime battling and actually engage with them from a thoughtful and grounded place.  

5 Years and roughly 7,500 miles of trails later, I embrace life fully and feel deeply aligned to my purpose.  I feel I owe it to myself to share my experiences through writings, photographs and more to help inspire as many as possible.  By doing so, I hope to encourage you to step outside and see all that this great beautiful world has to provide.  So come along and hike the good hike. 

Jesse Cody aka The Boston Mule

For the next 70 Days,  as The Boston Mule  takes to the  Pacific Crest Trail;  we will be cheering so freakin loud and donating 20% of our proceeds from this Collection to The Youth Mental Health Project.

So come on along, cheer with us & give a follow to  @hikethegoodhike  with every step benefiting  @ymhproject, and enjoy some amazing GIVEAWAYS of our wooden goods with stunning images straight from the trail!!!

For more information,  please check out our  For A Cause  page.

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