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Missy Patterson, Founder and Creative Director of Simply Grateful


A note from our Founder and Creative Director:

I wanted to create my own personal thank you cards uniting what I love with how I connect to people, places and moments.   I did this by bringing traveling, images of life and nature,  conscious connection,  and gratitude together in photos.   However,  I realized that combining this passion into something tangible resulted in paper cards that I would throw into shoeboxes or eventually recycle.   Therefore my intention grew into creating a card that was unique,  but also reuseable with the ability to last forever,  eliminating waste.

There is magic in receiving a wooden postcard in the mail. You can feel the quality, you can feel the time and care, it is why people are drawn to it. By the very nature of  wood, with the different striations and wood grain,  it can breath life into what it carries.  The wood is solid and substantial, it has weight, it can hold the essence of a place, feeling, heart and soul… it holds the connection people are missing in a world of instant and immediate.  It is a true connection for both the giver and receiver.  The person sending the wooden postcard,  also takes time and care to select a beautiful piece of artwork on the front that speaks to them,  and then writes a heartfelt message on the back. And for the loved one that receives it;  not only can it be put on display,  but  it can be kept and held onto, making connection truly unique and simple.

As my idea and company expanded,  I found that the artwork being re-usable was a notion that seemed to flourish within me to create coasters, ornaments, wine charms, puzzles, serving trays... mini-works of art that invoke feelings and moments that can be reused daily!   I want you all to be able to share the same feeling of creating,  so I encourage you to customize and personalize your own postcards and coasters too...  create your own story.

We are honored to be collaborating with beautiful artists in different cities and towns across the country that brilliantly capture their own voice and insight, and inspire us.   However you choose to use them...  for gratitude and connection, for inspiration,  as a coaster,  a tray,  or displayed as artwork,  please know that every piece is made with pure joy and that we all are simply grateful to be able to share them with you!

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