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Simply Grateful and all our products are born and made in the USA,  providing jobs for Americans and uses a local milling shop to recycle FSC Certified wood sources.  

Simply Grateful is so happy to be able to give back and donate a percentage of our profits to these incredible organizations that we hold in our hearts:

Redwood Trees by Missy Patterson, Simply Grateful

AMERICAN FOREST FUND is our nations's oldest nonprofit conservation organization,  founded in 1875,  restoring endangered ecosystems throughout our country and our world.   American Forests plants trees in rural and urban forests,  resulting in cleaner air and drinking water,  restoring habitat for wildlife and removing millions of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.   American Forests has numerous programs that educate and allow for participation, as well as advocates for sound forest policy,  communicating the vital importance of tree and forests for the survival of our planet. 

    Trees have been a source of inspiration and warmth my entire life;  and  meeting my first great "grandma" redwood tree  (over a 1,000 years old),  taught me the true meaning of the word majestic.   I am incredibly grateful for them,  not just their amazing power to keep us and our planet alive,  but also for the pure joy they brought me while growing up:  I climbed them,  jumped out of them,  built forts in them,  leaned on them,  saved some,  planted many and hugged tons of them.  Today,  I find myself even more fortunate that I am still able to do all of the above;  and yes,  I really do hug them! 

~Missy Patterson (Simply Grateful,  Founder and Creative Director) 

Simply Grateful is delighted to donate to the American Forest Fund and help to plant trees.   We understand that using and creating re-usable products is not enough in lowering our carbon footprint on the planet,  but with supporting such an organization that is making active strides in truly taking care of our planet,  we know that we are moving on the right path. 



OPERATION SUPPORT OUR TROOPS-AMERICA is a volunteer based, non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to our active duty military,  their families and our veterans by offering them comfort,  resources,  education, rehabilitation services and many other different programs.   Operation Support Our Troops also sends care packages,  letters and cards to our men and women deployed in harm's way.

     As a proud military wife,  whose husband has been in the Army for over 8 years and has been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan;  I understand the sacrifices that military families have to make and the hardships that our loved ones deployed overseas and the families back at home endure everyday. 

~ Krystina Tierney (Simply Grateful,  Director of Operations)

Simply Grateful is honored to donate to Operation Support Our Troops because we want to thank all our heroes and express our deepest appreciation for the immeasurable bravery and sacrifices of our servicemen and women,  their families and all of our veterans.

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