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Super Bowl 53 - Metallic Wooden Postcards

 Missy Patterson Super Bowl 53 Tailgate Party ATL Mercedes-Benz Stadium Simply Grateful Metallic Postcards VIP

Bursting at the seams.❤️💙4,500 metallic silver wooden postcards are gone in a record breaking flash, and now in the snail mail on their way to happy homes holding the incredible memories of Super Bowl 53!!! 

A whirlwind of amazingness, consciousness, hard work and laughter!

I got to challenge every single part of me this year.   Mind, body, patience, and heart. New materials, beauty, and unreal shine! The hardest I have ever worked to pull this off, so proud. The guests were happy, the smiles I got to see lit me up like a freakin christmas tree and the love all around me swept me away!

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