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For a Cause : OCEANA

For the month of January,  Simply Grateful will be dedicating our Aspiration Collection to our world's oceans.   We will be donating a percentage of our proceeds to Oceana,  an organization devoted solely to protecting and restoring our oceans on a global scale.   Founded in 2001,  Oceana strives to conserve our oceans and make them as abundant and healthy as they once were.   Because oceans cover 71% of the world,  they are vital to our livelihood in many ways.   Oceana's numerous campaigns focus on promoting responsible fishing,  stopping ocean pollution and protection marine wildlife.   They also seek to secure seafood so that out fishing economies may flourish.

Simply Grateful's roots are embedded in being caretakers of the world and all that inhabit it.   We strive to develop habits that preserve our Mother Earth and are passionate about donating to Oceana to support their hard work, commitment and ultimate goal of protecting one of the world's most natural beauties.

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