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Save Your Design


Custom Horizontal Postcard

$ 14.00

    We want you to be able to customize your own artwork to share with your loved ones!   You are able to personalize your own images,  words,  dates and titles so that each piece is a true representation of your moments,  stories and YOU!  

    Please allow for 7 business days for processing.

    Use the following Promo Codes to receive a discount for your order at Checkout.

     BUY4  for 10%Off,   BUY12  for 15%Off,   BUY20  for 20%Off,   BUY50  for 25%Off


    MAX LIMIT: 2MB  Upload your image, click on the right bottom arrows and drag your image so that it is centered and covering the entire postcard.   You can also use the arrows in the toolbar to center your image.   We will make sure that your image lays in the wood organically so that it will live on forever.


    Write your text in the text-box.  Use the Style Icon to choose your font and color.   Next drag the arrows on the bottom right to adjust the size of your text and place it where you would like it to be.   You can also use the arrows in the toolbar to center your text.

    Be sure to save your image incase you would like to edit it again before you place your order.   You can find it saved under the list icon next to the save button in the toolbar.


    Then just add your artwork to your cart.  If you would like to personalize the back too,  please type your message in the NOTES Section. 


    💛If you have any questions, our art department is on hand and would be happy to create a piece with you so that you love it from top to bottom! 


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